Happy 249th, Beethoven!

As I’m writing this, it is December 17, 2019. 249 years ago today, Beethoven was baptized. Since we don’t know the actual day he was born, December 17 is generally accepted as the day we celebrate his birthday.

I celebrated the day by filming page 10 of the second movement of my “Pastorale” Symphony transcription:

The perfect way to spend Beethoven’s birthday!

Since I started this project back in February, I’ve been involved with Beethoven’s music nearly every day. I must say, I think that’s a good thing!

This coming year will be full of Beethoven as I continue to put out the “Pastorale” solo ‘Ukulele transcription one page at a time!

Let me know what you would like to see from this project. I love to hear from you, so drop me a line with any questions/suggestions or just to say hi!

And…when you’re ready, you can find out more about lessons with me online via Zoom or Skype (or in person, if you happen to be in Denver!) by visiting my lessons page.

all the best to you!


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