Are you ready to move to the next level of your ‘Ukulele playing? I can help by lessons online via Zoom or in-person! If you have a gigantic musical project you’re trying to tackle (like, say, playing a Beethoven Symphony on the ‘Ukulele), I can share the best tools I know to help you stay focused and get the project done. If you want to learn more about how music is put together, I can show you systematic approaches to learn how to read music, train your ear, and understand how the ‘Ukulele fingerboard is organized. I work with serious students who are dedicated to achieving their goals!

Send me a message to inquire about my availability. If you are interested in lessons online, let me know what time zone you are in.


What are your rates?

Through the end of 2019, my weekly rate is $75.00 for a 1-hour lesson if you commit to taking lessons at a consistent weekly time throughout a semester. For an “a la carte” 1-hour lesson I charge $80.00.

How do you handle payment?

Most of my students pay via Venmo, an easy-to-use online payment system affiliated with PayPal. Payment is required for the month in advance. When you start lessons I can walk you through the details of getting payment to me.

What are your policies regarding cancellation/rescheduling?

  • Lessons are not given before payment is received.
  • The lesson is a time you reserve with me. Lessons strictly adhere to their start and end time, regardless of your arrival time.
  • No refunds.
  • Two weeks advance notice is requested if you decide to discontinue lessons.
  • Any lessons I cancel, we will make up at your convenience. 

How are lessons scheduled?

Contact me and we will set up a weekly time. If we are meeting online via Zoom, I will send you a meeting link 24 hours in advance.

What do I need in order to take lessons via Zoom?

Zoom is an easy-to-use video conferencing system that allows two-way video communication. In order to use it for lessons, you need:

  • A reasonably robust internet connection
  • A personal account set up via the Zoom app installed on your computer and/or smart phone
  • The camera on one of your devices (e.g., the camera on your laptop or desktop computer, an external webcam attached to your computer, or the camera on your smartphone).
  • A way to make sure you don’t need to hold your device during the lesson and that the camera captures enough that it is easy to see you playing. (For example, using a small tripod to hold your phone.)
  • A reasonably quiet environment free from distractions for the duration of the lesson.

What are your qualifications?

In addition to the Beethoven “Pastoralele” project, I keep busy as a music educator, and have dedicated most of my life to helping students like you achieve their musical dreams. If you would like some more information about me, click here to view my full resume.

“I really like how Dr. Cline presents the material. Oftentimes he gives me challenging music but he always breaks it down into manageable chunks and is very patient. I have gained more knowledge about how to play in one year than I really thought possible.” – Anonymous course evaluation comment from a Regis University student.

“My son is 12 and needs to be challenged in order to engage effectively in an activity. He now loves playing and often chooses to play on his own for 30 min to an hour, which I never imagined, as I struggled to get him to practice 15 minutes at a time before. I highly recommend Dr. James Cline as a music teacher.” –Tyler Huisinga, from a recommendation on NextDoor social network.

“James Cline is an excellent musician on many fronts—guitar, ukulele, composer. He is also an insightful teacher. Our collaborations have always been a delight, leading to top-notch performances of my music.” – Loretta Notareschi, PhD. Associate Professor, Music, Regis University.

What can I expect in a lesson?

To see an example of my teaching in action, here is a recorded lesson that Dr. Notareschi graciously allowed me to post on YouTube. We discuss a wide range of topics, including some ideas that eventually made their way into her Etudes for solo ‘Ukulele. Recordings of your lessons are available whether you attend the lesson in person or via Zoom videoconferencing.

Ready? Send me a message and we can schedule a lesson or I can answer any other questions you might have.

all the best to you!