The Most Important Life Lesson Learned from Beethoven and the ‘Ukulele

The first movement is almost done! In this episode of “Beethoven of the ‘Ukulele” you can see and hear pages 17 and 18 of the transcription performed:

Last week I discussed some of the ways this project has made me a better ‘Uke player. A big project like this is not just good for sharpening one’s musical abilities. It also can carry over into other areas of life. Maybe the most important “life lesson” I’ve learned so far is this:

A decision sets the wheels in motion, but you have to re-decide every day.

When I embarked on this project in February, I thought that making a firm decision was enough. I thought that once I had decided, all I had to do was show up for the work every day.

I didn’t count on the days when I didn’t feel up to it because I was tired or wanted to do something else I thought might be more fun.

I didn’t count on the days when something unexpected (and maybe “important”) happened and my brain served up a very rational argument for why it would be okay to not do the work.

I didn’t count on the days when I would doubt whether the project was worth anything and wonder whether anyone would miss it if I went ahead and pulled the plug.

A large project like this is a test of commitment. And you can’t commit just once and be done with it. You have to commit over and over. Even now, after so many weeks of being “in the groove” and consistently putting out a video and a blog post every Tuesday, after sending out a weekly message to my wonderful email subscribers…

Even now, when a new week comes around and it’s time to do the work, I’m sometimes tempted to blow it off. To give myself a “free pass”. To allow myself to believe it doesn’t matter…

…But it does matter. Because I’ve decided it does. Again and again and again.

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all the best to you!


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